**A Memorable Day in the Wonderful City of Syke, Germany**

In the heart of Germany lies the picturesque city of Syke, a place where history and modernity blend seamlessly, creating an environment that is both inviting and inspiring. It was here, under the unparalleled leadership of the best mayor the city has ever known, Mrs. Suse Laue, and her exceptional team, that I experienced one of the most memorable days of my life.
From the moment the day began, it was clear that this was not going to be just another day. The air was filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement. Mrs. Laue, with her characteristic warmth and vision, had planned something truly special, not just for the residents of Syke but for guests from across the globe.
This international agreement wasn't just a diplomatic success; it was a bridge built between cultures, a promise of mutual growth and understanding that would benefit not just the signatories but all who dream of a world more closely knit together.
The ceremony was nothing short of magical, set against the backdrop of Syke's beautiful landscapes. It was a reminder of the power of community and the impact of dedicated leadership. Mrs. Laue, with her eloquent speech, didn't just thank her team and the international delegates; she thanked every resident of Syke, making it clear that this achievement was shared by all.
As the day progressed, the sense of unity and pride among the attendees was palpable. There were cultural exhibitions, showcasing the rich heritage of all the nations involved, and discussions on future collaborations, all guided by the spirit of mutual respect and ambition that Mrs. Laue embodies.
As the sun set on this historic day, it was hard not to feel a profound sense of gratitude. To Mrs. Suse Laue and her excellent team, thank you. Your dedication and vision have not only elevated the city of Syke on the international stage but have also paved the way for a future where cooperation and understanding reign supreme.
Thank you for the cooperation. Thank you for the tripartite international agreement. But most importantly, thank you for showing what can be achieved when people come together, guided by strong, compassionate leadership.

Trinational Exchange Morocco 2023 between Morocco Germany and Poland

The Green Organization Morocco (GOMO), active in the environmental field, in partnership with the Ajdir community in Al Hoceima, the German municipality of Syke, and the Polish municipality of Wabrzezno, organized a youth exchange that included thirty young men and women from Morocco, Germany, and Poland in order to get to know the cultures of the participating countries and exchange and acquire experiences, cultural elements, values, traditions, and knowledge. In this regard, members of the Green Organization of Morocco received young participants coming from abroad and worked according to the established program, which consisted of a group of cultural and cognitive activities in various languages. In this regard, a group of projects emerged through this youth exchange aimed at assisting in the development of young groups and educating them in various fields and fields. To consolidate the spirit of fraternal cooperation and social cohesion, a garden was created inside a middle school in Jadir that relies on automatic secret technology to conserve water, and a library dedicated to reading was created, equipped with solar panel technology to exploit solar energy to supply it with electricity, as well as organizing a race for students in the same preparatory school mentioned above. The activities of this youth exchange concluded. By inviting a group of important figures to attend the closing activities, which included introducing Moroccan, German and Polish traditions, customs and customs during the wedding celebrations of each of the participating countries.


Trip to the Buskor Forest on the occasion of International Mountain Day

On Sunday, December 24, 2024, the Green Organization Morocco, which is active in the environmental field, organized a trip to the Buskor Forest on the occasion of International Mountain Day, corresponding to December 11, 2024. This trip included a number of awareness-raising activities for the benefit of members involved in the organization about the importance of vegetation in protecting the environment and preserving the environment. The biological balance on the Earth's surface and the importance of committing to restoring mountain ecosystems, as this natural treasure must be cared for and restored, as it is home to 15% of the world's population as well as nearly half of the world's biodiversity reserve.
To celebrate this international day, the efforts of the organization’s members intensified to collect plastic waste covered by this natural treasure and plant a group of seedlings in an attempt to preserve the natural essence of the Boskor forest, as well as creating a group of garbage containers prepared from natural materials to reduce the percentage of pollution resulting from visitors to the forest.


Trinational Exchange Polen between Morocco, Poland an Germany

On the 31st of August, a group of Moroccan youngsters have joined the exchange program that held place in Wabrzezno, Poland with the company of the German group from Syke. Which was supervised by Mr.Abdelhafid Catruat, and also planned by him.
The exchange theme was about WW2 (world war 2), which occured back in 1940. 
During the exchange, the participants were able to expand their knowledge about the war by working together in cultural workshops, watching movies and short films about the polish-german war. The participants have visited many historical places in Łòdź, such as the “Radegast Train Station” or “Bahnhof Radegast” in German, which is a museum of a railway station used during The Holocaust. In Toruń, the participants were accompanied by a guide who showed them around. Everyone was surprised and amused during the tour, as the city is full of historical statues.
Later that week of the exchange, the participants were invited by the city mayor Tomasc to plant a tree in a garden near a playground. We named it “the Moroccan tree”.

Gomo helped Cleaning Boujibar Forest - Al Hoceima

It's necessarily for us to take care of the green spaces around us, like we take care of our own BODIES.
As known, many forests are the lungs 🫁 of our planet earth .🌏  
In today’s journey with our participants GOMO, we decided to  clean and take care of the surroundings of the Green spaces of BOUJIBAR FOREST. A forest which is considered to be the lungs of our city Al-Hoceima.
The society of Al Hoceima needs a deep awareness about the environment, and how to take a good care of it, and its importance.

we must protect not just forests but also our planet Earth. we must only use the things that we need, and don't take our environment for granted. Let's appreciate its beauty. Let’s love it, and be united to fight and protect it as one.

Gomo - Green Organisation Morocco

Green Organization Morocco, a non-profit committed to environmental preservation, focuses on climate action, biodiversity conservation, and community engagement to safeguard the environment. Through innovative initiatives and policy advocacy, we strive to build a sustainable future in collaboration with local communities. Join us in our mission to address climate change challenges and promote eco-friendly practices for a greener Morocco.