Trip to the Buskor Forest on the occasion of International Mountain Day

On Sunday, December 24, 2024, the Green Organization Morocco, which is active in the environmental field, organized a trip to the Buskor Forest on the occasion of International Mountain Day, corresponding to December 11, 2024. This trip included a number of awareness-raising activities for the benefit of members involved in the organization about the importance of vegetation in protecting the environment and preserving the environment. The biological balance on the Earth's surface and the importance of committing to restoring mountain ecosystems, as this natural treasure must be cared for and restored, as it is home to 15% of the world's population as well as nearly half of the world's biodiversity reserve.
To celebrate this international day, the efforts of the organization’s members intensified to collect plastic waste covered by this natural treasure and plant a group of seedlings in an attempt to preserve the natural essence of the Boskor forest, as well as creating a group of garbage containers prepared from natural materials to reduce the percentage of pollution resulting from visitors to the forest.


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