Trinational Exchange Polen between Morocco, Poland an Germany

On the 31st of August, a group of Moroccan youngsters have joined the exchange program that held place in Wabrzezno, Poland with the company of the German group from Syke. Which was supervised by Mr.Abdelhafid Catruat, and also planned by him.
The exchange theme was about WW2 (world war 2), which occured back in 1940. 
During the exchange, the participants were able to expand their knowledge about the war by working together in cultural workshops, watching movies and short films about the polish-german war. The participants have visited many historical places in Łòdź, such as the “Radegast Train Station” or “Bahnhof Radegast” in German, which is a museum of a railway station used during The Holocaust. In Toruń, the participants were accompanied by a guide who showed them around. Everyone was surprised and amused during the tour, as the city is full of historical statues.
Later that week of the exchange, the participants were invited by the city mayor Tomasc to plant a tree in a garden near a playground. We named it “the Moroccan tree”.

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