Trinational Exchange Morocco 2023 between Morocco Germany and Poland

The Green Organization Morocco (GOMO), active in the environmental field, in partnership with the Ajdir community in Al Hoceima, the German municipality of Syke, and the Polish municipality of Wabrzezno, organized a youth exchange that included thirty young men and women from Morocco, Germany, and Poland in order to get to know the cultures of the participating countries and exchange and acquire experiences, cultural elements, values, traditions, and knowledge. In this regard, members of the Green Organization of Morocco received young participants coming from abroad and worked according to the established program, which consisted of a group of cultural and cognitive activities in various languages. In this regard, a group of projects emerged through this youth exchange aimed at assisting in the development of young groups and educating them in various fields and fields. To consolidate the spirit of fraternal cooperation and social cohesion, a garden was created inside a middle school in Jadir that relies on automatic secret technology to conserve water, and a library dedicated to reading was created, equipped with solar panel technology to exploit solar energy to supply it with electricity, as well as organizing a race for students in the same preparatory school mentioned above. The activities of this youth exchange concluded. By inviting a group of important figures to attend the closing activities, which included introducing Moroccan, German and Polish traditions, customs and customs during the wedding celebrations of each of the participating countries.


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