Trinational Exchange 2022 Germany-Morocco-Israel

On October 2022, the municipality of Syke organised an exchange about climate change which was supervised by Mr. Abdelhafid Catruat who invited 10 teenagers from his homecity AL HOCEIMA, 10 from Syke and 10 others from ISRAEL. During the exchange the participants had multiple workshops about the environment ,such as creating a social media account to sensitize people about the environment ,and  they also volunteered to  implant a garden in the middle of a local school . During one of the days the participants joined a conference ,which was attended by the German foreign ministry and the Moroccan embassy in Germany. The participants also visited multiple places in the city like Klimahaus Bremerhaven which offers the possibility of a virtual journey around the earth in a north-south direction . At the end of the exchange all the participants enjoyed the atmosphere with each other, and they improved their communication skills by sharing some experiences while sightseeing and enjoying the beautiful town of Syke.

Gomo - Green Organisation Morocco

Green Organization Morocco, a non-profit committed to environmental preservation, focuses on climate action, biodiversity conservation, and community engagement to safeguard the environment. Through innovative initiatives and policy advocacy, we strive to build a sustainable future in collaboration with local communities. Join us in our mission to address climate change challenges and promote eco-friendly practices for a greener Morocco.