Gomo helped Cleaning Boujibar Forest - Al Hoceima

It's necessarily for us to take care of the green spaces around us, like we take care of our own BODIES.
As known, many forests are the lungs 🫁 of our planet earth .🌏  
In today’s journey with our participants GOMO, we decided to  clean and take care of the surroundings of the Green spaces of BOUJIBAR FOREST. A forest which is considered to be the lungs of our city Al-Hoceima.
The society of Al Hoceima needs a deep awareness about the environment, and how to take a good care of it, and its importance.

we must protect not just forests but also our planet Earth. we must only use the things that we need, and don't take our environment for granted. Let's appreciate its beauty. Let’s love it, and be united to fight and protect it as one.

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Gomo - Green Organisation Morocco

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