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The Green Organization Association in Morocco is an independent association, founded in 2022 and places the right of present and future generations to a healthy environment at the forefront of the goals of its programs and initiatives.Our association is considered a new born and an advanced and young version, emanating from the two old associations Young United Alhoceima and DYME AL Hoceima.  For it and through it, it works to protect and preserve the environment, combat climate change, spread awareness, and spread the values ​​and behaviors of sustainable development.

The organization's goals :

  • Strengthening the sense of citizenship towards environment and sustainable development issues.
  • Encouraging green, environmentally friendly professions.
  • Encouraging ecotourism.
  • Encouraging waste sorting and recycling.
  • Striving towards combating the causes of global warming.
  • Means and mechanisms of operation of the association:
  • Organizing and sponsoring campaigns and projects under various titles and objectives related to the environment and sustainable development.
  • Organizing and holding training courses, seminars, round tables, debates in various fields, the most important of which is the environment.
  • Volunteering to take all possible preventive and remedial measures against environmental pollution in its various forms and degrees.
  • Participation in conferences, youth exchanges, programs and exhibitions related to the environment.
  • Issuing awareness paragraphs through social media.
Green Organisation Morocco


Kamal Azzouz
Kamal AzzouzPresident Of Green Organisation Moroccokamal.azzouz@gomo.ma
Fatima El Balghali
Fatima El BalghaliVice Presidentelbalghali.fatima@gomo.ma
Zakaria Bouchakour
Zakaria BouchakourSecretary Generalzakaria.bouchakour@gomo.ma
Boukzir Oussama
Boukzir OussamaTreasurerboukzir.oussama@gomo.ma
Chaimae Lamgari
Chaimae LamgariDeputy TreasurerChaimae.lamgari@gomo.ma
El Mehdi El Khadri
El Mehdi El KhadriAdviserelmehdi.elkhadri@gomo.ma
Mohamed Amine El Hammouti
Mohamed Amine El HammoutiAdviserelmehdi.elkhadri@gomo.ma

Gomo - Green Organisation Morocco

Green Organization Morocco, a non-profit committed to environmental preservation, focuses on climate action, biodiversity conservation, and community engagement to safeguard the environment. Through innovative initiatives and policy advocacy, we strive to build a sustainable future in collaboration with local communities. Join us in our mission to address climate change challenges and promote eco-friendly practices for a greener Morocco.